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Number Masking

Keep your customer data safe and secure with number masking. For example, prevent lead leakage by hiding your customers’ phone numbers.

Number Masking

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Role Based Perks

Control access to your customer data with ease. Prevent data leakage with role-based number masking privileges. Keep your customer’s contact information safe and encrypted. Eliminate the need for multiple passwords and user levels. Make it easy for managers to see who is talking to their customers and when. Provide an intuitive interface that makes it easy for agents to use.

Easy to Arrange Hiding Policies

Control revenue leakages with number masking policies. Select from various predefined masking policies or configure them as per business needs. Mask customer contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses to protect privacy. Get real-time alerts on any attempts to unmask masked data.

Hidden User Dashboards

Keep your customer data private and anonymous with Masked User Dashboards. Control access to sensitive data with role-based permissions. Easily create and share dashboards, reports, and recordings without revealing customer identities. Protect customer privacy while maintaining transparency and accountability in your organization.

Features of Call Center


Improve customer support with customizable IVR software that can handle a high volume of calls. Quickly and easily create custom menus and responses to meet the all needs of your business. Manage your IVR system whenever you need to.

Auto Dialer

Automate your dialing process to improve call center agent productivity and outbound customer interactions. Increase efficiency and accuracy with automated dialing software eliminating the need to enter phone numbers manually.

Call Surveillance

Monitor calls in real-time to provide assistance and coaching as required. Improve customer service with timely intervention. Collect feedback and analyze interactions to improve agent performance. Handle all call center operations more effectively with all the things you need.

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