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Wallboard For Teloz

Get immediate access to your essential Call center wallboard software metrics.
Call center wallboard software

Teloz Call Center Software with Leading CRM Integrations

Call center wallboard software

Instantly Take on Metrics

Our wallboard can be mounted on an LCD screen to share pertinent data with simple text messages. With this invaluable tool, you can display service level, the number of calls in the queue, and several Call center wallboard software abandoned in real time. Providing all stakeholders with real-time data ensures everyone is on the same page when meeting goals and objectives.

Systematize Call center wallboard software

Systematize provides an innovative way to remotely create and share standard parameters throughout your organization. Our easy-to-navigate platform lets you set up assessments quickly, helping your team stay on target. Plus, you’ll have real-time data to monitor progress from day one accurately.

Call center wallboard software
Call center wallboard software

Tailor Made Call center wallboard software

Customize introduces you to the most comprehensive layout design. You can tweak details from the colors and sizes of labels to different charts, ensuring it fits your visual preferences perfectly. As a result, you’ll make sense of data faster than ever!

Analyze and do surveillance of your call center metrics

Voice Recordings Call center wallboard software

Our state-of-the-art voice logger technology helps monitor quality by recording each interaction between your customers and agents, giving you peace of mind.
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Call center wallboard software

Have a complete watch over

By allowing critical performance data to be accessible at the touch of a button, a complete watch over keeps things running smoothly, keeping business moving in the right direction.

Agent self-surveillance

Agent Self Monitoring is the perfect tool to help agents stay on top of their performance without leaving the comfort of their workstations and Call center wallboard software.
Call center wallboard software
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Frequently Asked Questions

Teloz Wallboard is a software designed to help telecommunications companies monitor and manage their call center operations. It provides real-time status of calls, monitors agent performance, and collects data to make business decisions. The software aggregates all the metrics needed to make informed decisions on improving customer experience and optimizing operations for maximum efficiency.

One of the key benefits offered by Teloz Wallboard is improved productivity among call center agents. The software’s customizable dashboards ensure that agents clearly understand their performance metrics and target objectives.

These insights allow them to work more efficiently and provide better customer service. Additionally, the advanced reporting capabilities of the software enable businesses to make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Yes, it is easy to use with an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training time. The customizable dashboards allow users to tailor them according to their specific needs. Additionally, Teloz Wallboard provides comprehensive user guides, video tutorials, and customer support resources.

Teloz Wallboard offers a range of support options, including email support, phone support during business hours, webinars, and training sessions if required. Additionally, they have a vast knowledge base with articles or FAQs available online 24/7.

Yes! It supports integration with other systems, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions or workforce management platforms like ZenDesk or Salesforce, so that you can combine data from different sources into one platform.

This integration helps businesses maximize their investment in technology by providing management with a comprehensive view of operations, making it easier to identify areas where improvements are needed. Teloz Wallboard is an essential tool for businesses operating within the telecommunications industry.

The software provides real-time data that helps managers identify areas where they need to improve performance, thereby improving productivity and creating a better customer experience. With its customizable dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities, Teloz Wallboard has proven an effective solution for call center operations looking to become more efficient and optimize their processes.